Evolution of Trade-Offs and Genotype-by- Environment Interactions in Viruses

Genetic trade-offs occur when organisms evolve adaptive traits for one purpose while suffering reduced performance in an unselected trait. Our work shows that viruses often experience evolutionary trade-offs, under various types of selection pressures. We have observed that evolution of increased virus stability generally trades-off with viral reproduction, obeying a classic survival-reproduction life-history trade-off seen in higher organisms. Also, we have shown that viruses suffer evolutionary trade-offs across selective temperatures and across differing innate-immune profiles of hosts. Relatedly, our work examines how the environment selects for evolution of virus interactions with host organisms – especially mutualism vs. parasitism – and whether these strategies are evolutionarily reversible. These studies explore evolutionary constraints in viruses and suggest that viral adaptive solutions can sometimes be limited, suggesting vulnerabilities that might be exploited when designing antiviral therapies.


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